Valentine's Day Macaroni Necklace

By Shaughnessy and Kristin January 23, 2014
We've made up a no-mess Macaroni Necklace craft! This necklace would make for the perfect Valentine's day gift and/or activity.

What you'll need:
Ziplock Baggies
Macaroni or other pasta with hole in it (we like ziti)
String or Yarn
Paper Card Stock with "You Make Me Loose My Noodle" printed on it.

Let the kids grab handfuls of uncooked pasta, throw them in ziplock baggies with a few drops of their favorite color paint. Then shake it all up. The paint will coat the noodles, without a messy paintbrushing session. Have the kids dump the noodles out onto a paper plate or newspaper to dry. The baggie containing all the messy wet paint can be reused or just be tossed in the garbage.

Once dry, let them measure how long they'd like their string to be, and cut it with safety scissors. Then they'll practice using their fine motor skills in a fun way, stringing the noodles to create a necklace. Be sure to help them tie a large enough knot that will stop the noodle from sliding off. Once the neckace is completed, have your child attach it to the card and sign his or her name. They now have a completed Valentine's day card and gift!

One box of pasta will make dozens of necklaces. Not only will you be making hours worth of hands on fun for your little one, you're making a healthy alternative to Valentines Day candy!